UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the stories behind it

Almost always travelling to discover foreign people, cultures and countries, reporting on them and capturing their experiences in pictures. LimesMedia is the brand for this, Tim Schnarr is the photographer and author behind the pictures and books.

Equipped with a camera, lots of ideas and no expectations, I travel around the world to visit the world heritage sites of mankind. In the process, I meet a wide variety of people and cultures and report on them. Follow me on my travels, whether through my pictures or entertaining and amusing “anecdotes from the road” in my books.

Over 1,600 photos published by UNESCO


I support and promote UNESCO‘s goal of preserving the unique and sensational achievements of human culture and nature for future generations. You can also find my pictures non-commercially in school books, teaching material, exhibitions, parlour games, scientific treatises, books and illustrated books by scientists and UNESCO and in various projects worldwide.

My pictures are also exhibited in various exhibitions around the world to raise interest in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I support these projects and exhibitions on a voluntary basis.


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